Monday, September 15, 2008


Have you read Photo Freedom: A Big Picture Approach to Organizing and Scrapbooking Your Photographs ? I just started last night, and it's amazing. I had intended to get a good night sleep, but I was so excited about the possibilities in this book, I was up until 2am!

Smart, well thought out, easy to implement ideas for getting yourself and your photo's organized. The whole time I was reading, I found myself nodding my head as Stacy "talked" to me... do I have too many photos (I sure do), do I spend hours looking for that ONE particular photo I NEED to scrap (OMG, I spend DAYS sometimes), do I feel overwhelmed - Um, yep of course! and on she goes, but step by step, you get walked through her sensible and really achievable storage and sorting sytem - designed to give you PHOTO Freedom (and it helps with the memorabilia too).

I love Stacy's writing style and her scrapbooking attitude. I heard her speak at a CKU convention a few years ago, read her first book, Big Picture Scrapbooking and was hooked.

I really enjoy her approach, and I actually don't feel swamped and behind anymore... now that I
don't scrap every photo, and I definitely don't scrap in order! Take a look at her book.. and you'll see what I mean.