Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Counting Down

It's inevitable, no matter how organized I am for the holidays, something always comes up and slows me down. This year, Jacob fractured his tailbone and was off school for 3 days, and THEN we got hit with the stomach flu. Two boys, six sets of sheets, 5 pairs of pyjama's and only 3 hours of sleep. One has recovered and gone back to school today, the other is still home.....
No wrapping can get done, and I still need to get eggs to start my baking! I did finally manage to get a few cards made and sent... still more to do, but I'll work on them tonight

If all goes well, I'll make at least one batch of cookies tonight, maybe the Amish Ginger Cookies that everyone loves, but are so easy to make. They'd be great teacher gifts too, especially nice in the embellished coffee window bags I've got thanks to my friend Katie M.

I'll take photo's while we bake tonight and post those along with the recipe tomorrow.