Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

After days of waiting, finally Halloween arrived! We were a bit behind in our decorating this year as we were in France until the middle of October, then I was teaching at the Creative Festival. I taught a fun card class to a great group of women, I'll post pics of those soon, I promise.

After a day or so of recovering, we finally got down to the business at hand.. Halloween! Out from the crawlspace we pulled the 3 bins of Halloween decorations. Some seem to be missing though, can't find the screaming tomb-stone anywhere or the skeleton lights - hmm...

Everything else goes up, the giant spider we hang from the ceiling, the skeleton tray, the garland (purple), do not cross tape,a burping rat for a table centerpiece, the adorable squashed witch door decoration... and many other various things my kids have made in Nursery school and kindergarten over the last few years...

I set about organizing the menu - we have some standards that appear every year.

  1. Bat Loaf - My meatloaf recipe cooked in a bat shaped meatloaf pan
  2. Ghost Potatoes, - Mashed potatoes piped into ghost shapes
  3. RIP sandwhiches
This year I added Mummies (Crescent roll wrapped Hot dogs) and Witches hats... totally cute little pizza pockets which I found on Better Homes and Gardens website.