Monday, September 15, 2008


Have you read Photo Freedom: A Big Picture Approach to Organizing and Scrapbooking Your Photographs ? I just started last night, and it's amazing. I had intended to get a good night sleep, but I was so excited about the possibilities in this book, I was up until 2am!

Smart, well thought out, easy to implement ideas for getting yourself and your photo's organized. The whole time I was reading, I found myself nodding my head as Stacy "talked" to me... do I have too many photos (I sure do), do I spend hours looking for that ONE particular photo I NEED to scrap (OMG, I spend DAYS sometimes), do I feel overwhelmed - Um, yep of course! and on she goes, but step by step, you get walked through her sensible and really achievable storage and sorting sytem - designed to give you PHOTO Freedom (and it helps with the memorabilia too).

I love Stacy's writing style and her scrapbooking attitude. I heard her speak at a CKU convention a few years ago, read her first book, Big Picture Scrapbooking and was hooked.

I really enjoy her approach, and I actually don't feel swamped and behind anymore... now that I
don't scrap every photo, and I definitely don't scrap in order! Take a look at her book.. and you'll see what I mean.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been a Scrappy Weekend...

This was supposed to be Jonathan's birthday weekend... but Hurricane Ike put a hold on all that.
We postponed the bouncy castle and all the games, phoned all the guests, and didn't bake the cake we're going with a LION theme this year... (see photo) I'll do that next weekend!

I also had the extreme pleasure of having a fantastic weekend with my friend Katharina from Calgary who was here visiting for the weekend.

She was doing promo's for the latest book release Canadian Scrapbooker Basic Vol. 1 and visited some store in the area: A Scrapbookers Dream in Bolton, Bizzy B's Stamp & Scrap in Toronto, Scrapbooks By Design, and the Scrapping Turtle in St. Jacob's (still have to get there one of these days).

Now I am off to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada and Play with my new stamps from Kelly Panacci's Birthday Line (LOVE IT)! I'll post the results tomorrow. Yes, I'm gonna blog every day I think!