Monday, September 14, 2009

Win, Win, Win....

Back to school has brought lots of paper to our house..... (I knew it would happen), so I made the bulletin board in this Fall's issue to help keep us organized! With that accoomplished, I have room for more paper (okay, I don't really...), but maybe you do!


Just head on over to Canadian Scrapbooker's website and click on the LINK, to win a HUGE collection of Core' dination Cardstock.... LIKE, $500.00 worth!

You can enter to win this fantastic prize by filling out the form. The winner (announced on December 1, 2009) will receive over 1,00 sheets of premium sandable cardstock including

  • Core Essentials: 160 colours
  • 4 Black Magic Assorted packs
  • 4 Vinatge collection assorted packs
  • 2 Chocolate Box Bulk Pack
  • 2 Whitewash Collection Bul pack ( I ADORE THIS STUFF)
  • 1 Dust Buddy
GOOD LUCK!!!! and happy scrapping.