Monday, September 22, 2008

The Party of the year....

We finally got it done.. Jonathan had his 5th birthday party yesterday and it was a huge hit. When the boys turn FIVE we invite ALL their friends... it's a tradition James started... long story! Anyways, for Jonathan we had a Carnival sort of theme.. a rented Bouncy Castle, a cotton candy machine and a popcorn machine... yum! Add to that the duck fishing game, the decorate a cupcake station, face painting, and hmmm oh yes, prizes - it was a fun day for all....

I made the lion cake, and am happy to report, it may be my best one yet....

I've been trying to post that since Monday... so I will continue on with Tuesday... we are getting ready to leave for Paris on Sunday - it's quite the trip and we are all incredibly excited. Of course there is a ton of organizing to do, both at home and work before I go... so I spend a few hours today putting up some of my upcoming classes at Bizzy B's for October and November.

I even managed to include some photo's - I think that the Card Organizer is one of my favourites so far this season... and so easy! I had someone take the class a few weeks ago, and she's been back in to make FOUR more.. so I guess it was a success. Here is a photo... not the best shot, and I've made some changes to the actual design, BUT, you get the idea.

There is another class that goes really nicely with this one... we make 12 different cards. For the holidays it's mostly Christmas and Winter but the rest of the time we do an assortment, with Birthday, Thank You , Get Well, and that sort of thing. Great to give as a gift, equally
great to KEEP!! You'll always have handmade cards and you'll even be able to find them when you need them!

Want the calendar template? Just DOWNLOAD the pdf here.