Friday, June 11, 2010

Epson kicks butt.... really!

Wow,  I have to share.... just have to.  Working on some layouts last night, and wanted to do some of the lastest T-Ball photo's of Jonathan.   They are purple, and match some great GLITZ designs paper I had in mind....  of course the photo's are new, so I haven't printed any yet.  No worries.... I'll print at home.  Now normally for me in the past this brought about a huge amount of stress, it never worked, was never easy, and it NEVER looked like  REAL photo's. 

I am so happy, really so impressed.   I've had the Epson Artisan 810 for about 6 months now, used it for a variety of projects, and I know it works great, the software is good, easy to install, good on ink.. and all that, but tonight it just BLEW ME AWAY!   

I used the Epson Premium Photo Paper - Glossy, 4x6,   slid the photo paper into the CLEARLY marked spot in the printer tray, (face down by the way, but it tells you that), pulled up the software and voila, print... GORGEOUS, just GORGEOUS photo's.   I used the BEST PRINT setting, with border and I LOVE them!

Even my DH, who is really into QUALITY when it comes to prints admits they are fab..... Okay, enough of that!  Look at these CUTE pictures.. and you'll see why I just HAD to print them out....

I got the layout mostly completed, and I have a full night of crafting ahead, so I think I'll actually get this one DONE!  Whoo Hoo!  It's been a while.   I'll post asap.


Kim Tate said...

Epson has really done a nice job on this printer, other manufacturers should take note.

Kim of Impression Emedia