Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend....

No, I didn't get any diamonds for Valentines day, but I did get some nice chocolates and a beautiful Aquamarine Ring I had been coveting... my Sweetie is so good to me!

Now I did discover some really cool diamonds... for scrapbooking!  Have you seen these?  They are new from Robin's Nest, the brilliant and wonderful people who make all those fantastic DEW DROPS! There are so many colours now it's Crazy, and you just WANT them allll.. (well, I do anyways) and even though I have a good collection it's just NOT enough.. okay, wait, back to the diamonds.. they made DIAMOND SHAPED DEW DROPS!  How cool is that?   and the colours are fantastic! they make me smile.....

Of course they make paper, fantastic glitter paper, I have a stash of that too.... Going to pull some out tonight to work on a cut Easter Card... and yes, I know it's only February, but I love the paper and Easter... so I may as well PLAY.

If you're coming to my class at Scrapfest, you'll be thrilled to learn that they are sponsoring our class...so get prepared to have some FUN!    I only have FOUR spots left, so head on over and register now if you want a spot!

I have other sponsors in the works, the kit (which is currently all over my studio) is looking fantastic, and you will have a chance to enter a contest to.....a Dimple? Don't know what a Dimple is? Wait and see.... I'll let you know tomorrow.