Monday, November 10, 2008

Home for the Holidays!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house! I spent the weekend working with my friend Cheryl Jackson on our Maya Road Home for the Holidays contest entry.

We spent hours, and hours and hours in an already incredibly busy weekend working on this project. It was so much fun, but boy am I tired tonight! Cheryl quilled her but off, can you believe ALL those candies, lollipops, wreath, pole and more is quilled! Man is she talented and PATIENT. I glittered, punched, puffed, painted, stickled, grouted and fiddled.. we made an excellent team. Take a look at my Picassa album for just a sample - and then wish us luck. If you love it, we are going to try and offer a Day long workshop over at Bizzy B's in December. We'll make a smaller house, and your learn the basics of quilling and some of our tricks to creating this calorie free treat!

Let me know what you think... I NEED more comments =)

Maya Road

I also bought a new toy - A bigshot! Whooohooo, I am pretty excited. I have some old sizzix dies that I've pulled out of storage, and I bought a BIGZ die to make little party favours. Of course I didn't get the extra cutting mat I needed, so I had to fiddle around to get it to work. Tried to pick up a mat today but bought the wrong thing - arghh.

Anyways, look for a fun new project tomorrow. I'm in the crafting spirit now.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love how this turned out. I have to say the quilling is amazing

(bowing at Cher's feet.."I'm not worthy") LOL

It looks like you gals put sooo much work into it, I hope you have amazing results. Let me know when or if the class happens..I'm in!!!
Cheryl Mac

Snouters said...

Wow! What an awesome job you two did - You'll win it for sure!

xo Kate

Anonymous said...

I saw this in person and it looked like a real gingerbread is awesome and incredibly detailed.
xo SD

Anonymous said...

I just realized that if you double click on the photo you get an whole album of "The Making of the Maya Road Gingerbread House". Very very cool! xo sd